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An overview of what's new, our story, and affiliations.

What's New?

Acquire™ Industries is launching its 2019 Smart Heating campaign with the goal to raise awareness of sustainable home heating practices and present you the technology platform we have built and continue to develop.

We've recently re-designed our website to focus specifically on serving you dynamic content with a focus on Smart Home Heating and compelling support for pre-orders of HEAT ROLL™ RL-Series Smart Underfloor Heating Kit (200 sq. ft.).

Stay tuned, we will be launching our Smart Heating showroom in April to bring the experience to a location near you. Our 8 ft. wide x 20 ft. long Acquire™ Showroom shipping container will be touring the region of Southern Ontario, for contractors, property developers, engineers, architects, and the general public to interact and trial our solutions. We're looking for partners interested to host us at your location and anyone interested in a demo appointment.

Our Story

Acquire™ Industries was founded in August 2016 by Edward Jerjian, P.Eng, a Canadian entrepreneur and electrical engineer with a passion for design and innovation using advanced materials and nanotechnology in new products and projects with a disruptive impact on the future of industries and infrastructure.

The first problem he wanted to solve was the lack of sustainable heating alternatives to melt snow from large surface areas of pavement without the need for heavy construction. He began experimenting with conductive carbon materials in the form of coatings, inks, textiles and concrete as electrically resistive heating elements. These new electric solutions applied overtop of existing infrastructure would conserve energy by heating closer to surfaces, be easily paired with renewable energy sources, and control snow melting functions intelligently while eliminating the use of extra salts/chemicals.

In 2017, he approached the City of Vaughan’s International Commercialization Centre (VICC) in Ontario, Canada, who were open to exploring alternatives in snow removal and salting practices. In continuing to pursue applications of carbon conductive materials, flexible and printable electronics were adopted as the technology platform from which the firm would sustain the launch of multiple product offerings in Smart Heating.

Later that year, Acquire™ Industries filed its first patent-pending technology called HEAT ROLL™ -- the world's first film-type electric heat trace cable using printed ink heater elements. These ink heater elements are laminated/converted in different widths roll-to-roll with a proprietary ground sheath/jacket and additional materials to address various use-cases such as underfloor heating and over-pavement snowmelt.

In February 2018, the first prototype of HEAT ROLL™ SX Series for snowmelt & anti-icing was débuted at the Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library in Ontario, Canada -- melting just under 2 in. of snow over one hour from pavements with pedestrian traffic. Later that year, Acquire™ Industries filed for a second patent-pending technology called POWER ROLL™ -- a flexible copper ribbon conductor cable and fittings for connecting high power flexible appliances such as heaters, lights, solar panels and batteries. Using this wiring system, a new heating system for use under laminate and tiled floor coverings called HEAT ROLL™ RL-Series was designed and reviewed for compliance by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Mission & Vision

Acquire™ Industries serves to empower its customers and clients with new solutions that leverage our expertise in electrical and electronics together with advanced materials and advanced manufacturing. As a Design for X (DfX) firm and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Acquire™ Industries develops products and integrates new technologies into construction projects that keep customers and clients competitive and innovative across a broad range of application areas such as heating, lighting, sensing, energy generation, and power distribution.

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August 2016

Acquire Industries Ltd. is incorporated federally in Canada and headquartered in Toronto

Research & Development

January 2017

Company becomes operational and R&D efforts begin on carbon conductive inks, paints, coatings, textiles, and concrete

Printed Heater
1st Patent Filed

October 2017

Provisional patent filed for HEAT ROLL™ after months of R&D with a focus on flexible and printable electronics

Proof-of-Concept (POC)

February 2018

Prototypes of HEAT ROLL™ SX-Series were placed for the first time at the City of Vaughan

Core Components
2nd Patent Filed

May 2018

Provisional patent filed for POWER ROLL™ flat conductor cables and fittings for connecting flexible appliances

150+ Customers

October 2019

Preliminary review of HEAT ROLL™ RL-Series underfloor system for certification