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Radiant Floor Heating

Smart Heating precisely where and when you need it

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HEAT ROLL™ Smart Heating

All-in-one technology platform using electrically resistive carbon ink heaters, flat non-heating cables, thermal sensors, and intelligent controls.


Design & Build with


Large surface area electric resistance heating for a variety of use-cases including radiant room heating and snowmelt & anti-icing.



It's Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with an instruction manual, plus it comes with some pretty awesome benefits.

Faster Assembly Feature

Faster Assembly

Roll it out, cut-to-length, & connect up to 20% faster than traditional electric heat trace or other system.

Better Value Feautre

Better Value

All-in-one solution -- heating, power, connectivity, and intelligence solutions that saves you upfront.

Energy Saving Feature

Energy Saving

Up to 35% more surface coverage and improvement of thermal transfer and start-up time.

Zero Maintenace Feature

Zero Maintenance

No bulky equipment or moving parts to maintain, plus our control systems make it simple to monitor.

Easily Repairable Feature

Easily Repaired

Need to go back and fix something? Probably not, but assemblies can be easily removed and re-connected.

Longer Lifespan Feature

Long Service Life

Lifetimes of 20+ years and, since everything is electrically parallel, you mitigate the risk of major failures.

WARNING: Be sure to get a licensed electrician to perform final connections and receive a certificate of compliance from an electrical inspector.

Crazy Energy Bills?

Check out the alternatives...

Acquire™ shares the latest insights, technologies and market trends through our Smart Heating page.

Flexible electric heating is an alternative heating technology. Follow this page to learn how HEAT ROLL™ can help you reduce that energy bill, carbon footprint, and GHG emissions.

Enter Smart Heating



is hot CleanTech

It's fully integrated with the features that make it the smart and green choice.

Flexible Electronics +  RFIDs + IoT + Machine Learning Smart Heating

the future of heating is flexible™ 

Flexible and rollable


Available in different widths, heater elements & cables are versatile and can be rolled onto any flat surface.



Use a pair of cutting sheers or Stanley knife to adjust the heater elements & cables to any length!

Parallel Circuit Topology

Parallel Circuitry

Heater elements & cables are designed to mitigate electrical shorts and zone loss, making it a more reliable. 

Modularly Zonable


Easily expand coverage and capacity of zoned areas by connecting to different parallel branch circuits.

Power & Connectivity

WiFi Network

Wireless Network (WiFi)

3G Cellular

Cellular (3G)

Software Integrations

Automation Systems

Automation Systems (BAS)

API Development

Other APIs

(under development)


HEAT ROLL™ Components

We’ve got you covered with all the components & tools you need to get started.



Flexible Heater Element

Printed electric heating using ink conductors in parallel


Flat Non-heating Cable

Laminated electric cabling using copper foil ribbon in parallel (3 or 5 wire) 

POWER ROLL™ Splice Connectors

Splice Connectors

Insulation piercing electric connectors for foil-to-foil terminations

POWER ROLL™ Ratchet Crimp Tool

Crimping Tools

Ratchet hand tool for applying the right pressure to splice foil to connector.

POWER ROLL™ Insulating Tape

Insulating Tape

Self-fusing and water-resistant tape for sealing spliced connections.

POWER ROLL™ Terminal Block

Terminal Block

For transition connections from flat power cable to circular wire/cables.

HEAT-ROLL™ Smart Controller

Smart Controller

Installed as the cover for the Junction box, it's the brains of your system.

NTC Thermister

Thermal Sensor

Installed as the primary temperature sensor for safety.

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Radiant Floor Heating

Covers up to 150 sq. ft., perfect for electric heating under floor coverings such as tile or wood laminate in any room. Install over existing floors or concrete/wood subfloors.


Dimensions: 0.013 in. Thick x 31.5 in. Wide

Voltage: 120VAC/240VAC

Current: 12.5A (Max. 15A) 

Power: 7 - 21 W/sq. ft. 


Kit Includes: 1 x roll of heater elements (69 ft.), 1 x roll of 3-wire flat non-heating cable (25 ft.), 15 x splice connectors, 1 x ratchet crimping tool, 1 x roll of insulating tape (6 ft.), 1 x terminal block, 1 x junction box, 1 x thermal sensor wire (15 ft.), 1 x HEAT ROLL™ Smart Controller (thermostat sold separately)